About me

Well, I am thirty (fourty oops) something years old Czech living in Finland.....don`t ask me why......long story. And I am just crazy about bullies. I don`t have so much experience that I could write here about....I learn as I go.

I always thought that I would breed standard bullterriers........but I turned out to be focusing on minies, mainly because my standard bully had so much health problems, it completely put me off. I hope I will have more luck with minies.

My first mini Bouncy Bubble M - Wild Famy came in 2007 from Mrs. Jitka Zezulova, Kennel Wild Famy and she was a great start to my own breeding program.

Snakecharmer`s first litter was born 1.5. 2010 and this was also the first interbreed litter in Finland. I decided to go forward with interbreed litter because at the time there was no PLL test available and eventhough before the paper work was finished, PLL test came in the least I new after testing Bubble, that all puppies will be PLL clear, what a great start.

From this litter I kept Snakecharmer`s Arctic Monkey and hope to continue my breeding with her....she has some qualities to give to the next generation and I am looking forward to her offspring.

Breeding of minies is for sure challenging.....but I wouldn`t change the breed for anything.